Solid Ray Woods

“There is a sound and feel to tradition that you can’t invent on the spot."​

One has to learn it.  One has to inherit it. Solid Ray Woods has inherited and learned the sounds of the past in order to take the tradition of soul and rhythm into the future of a new American music.  One listen to his voice and the steady and solid pace of his drumming, and it’s easy to realize this new artist has the history of rhythm and blues, gospel, and soul on his sleeve, and is able to create a new direction for singer songwriters who sit behind the drum kit rather than the guitar.

Years of songwriter association paid off as Ray began to debut his original compositions along side traditional soul and folk tunes while drumming and singing for local heroes The Thrift Store All Stars at Pappy and Harriet’s during their ongoing stint as the house band there each Sunday.   It wasn’t long before he gathered his own band and sound using accomplished local musicians, which enabled him to start playing shows at Pappy and Harriet’s.

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